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Infant Owls

Helping Reception children

with early reading skills -

turning letters into sounds 

Early reading skills

Children learn about letters and the sounds they make in Early Years settings in England. They begin to make sense of seeing the letters on pages, beginning to understand that they represent sounds, blending them together to make words and so the reading process starts. 

They love sharing books whether it is to be immersed in the mystery world of adventures and stories or to find out about their most favourite topic such as dinosaurs and diggers.

They love having that knowledge and becoming 'clever' at doing things that we take for granted. 

About My 2nd Course

This course will show you how to teach how to represent letters as sounds, how to blend and segment these together to make words and begin to read simple text. 

I will show you how you can do more formal teaching but also how you can use fun activities, which you can print off from the resources section, to play board games or even how you can use football skills to practise what you have taught if sitting still is not quite the thing for your child. So you will have formal teaching ideas buy also how you can turn everyday experiences into learning opportunities.

This course is based on the guide that is used by many teachers effectively but adapted how you can teach this at home with lots of tips that you may find useful. It is a series of narrated PowerPoint slides and PDFs, which you can print off, videos to illustrate an idea, games and plans if you find having an overview useful. As you will probably have one or two children to teach, rather than a whole class, you can use these ideas to specifically teach at the pace of your child's learning and target practising those graphemes (letter strings that make a sound) and words that your child finds particularly tricky. ​

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