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As you can see, I am a 'more mature' person who loves having fun like canoeing with friends, walking on the beach, having a coffee and sightseeing.  However I love teaching too and I have had the privilege of teaching many, many wonderful children. 

I may not be super glamourous but that is ok as good looks won't make my reading course or teaching resources any better. I know how to teach, what works and also the pressure you are under as a busy teacher, parent or carer, trying to do your best for your children so that they can achieve their full potential.

Why me? With 20+ of teaching experience in 5 different primary schools in England (in both the state and private sector) I have seen different ways how children learn, I have taught many lessons, seen what works well and understand the teaching and learning process. I have worked with fantastic colleagues which has led to sharing and implementing many ideas about good practice. Children I used to teach are now young adults and I get stopped when I am out and it is wonderful when they remember me, tell me what they do now and how successful they have become. Thank you if you are one of them and happen to see this.

I don't want you to see the reading course as an onerous task but as an exciting time you can share with your child learning together, helping them become more competent and confident readers. This course is a guide to give you lots of ideas and the resources so you become more skilful and confident in teaching your child the reading and spelling process.

My own children are now grown up and looking back when they were the age your child is now, I found to be such a great and fascinating time. So much to absorb and learn. If you follow my reading course, whether you are home educating or wanting to give that extra support to your child, I hope you will enjoy this valuable time learning together, once this is gone you can't go back to this wonderful age as we haven't yet got a time machine!

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