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Quality Time Teaching,  Any time, Everywhere.

I have tutored for many years both face-to-face and online. 
I am part of Star Student tutoring and you can find more information on the website about me - please see the link below. 
I teach mainly English and Mathematics up to Year 6 but have also taught German up to GCSE. 

In the first lesson I assess students to see whether there are any gaps, then feedback to parents how I can help and prepare lessons to address these issues. I may also set homework but this will depend on what parents ask me to do. 
I believe it is important that children understand the basic concepts and why they are doing what, so that they can build on this knowledge. If they understand these fundamental ideas then it becomes easier and more fun to do maths and literacy which will increase their confidence and competence.
Below are some testimonials from past and current clients.

You can contact me via the contact page.   


During the first lockdown, my 5 year old (year one) daughter really missed school, especially having that teacher figure, that as a parent just doesn’t work. She is an enthusiastic learner and loves to please but home-school just isn’t for her, or me! I was put in contact with Andrea to help me understand if my daughter had any gaps in her learning, given the significant loss of time in the classroom. My daughter clicked immediately with Andrea, even though it was 'virtually' via Zoom, Andrea spent quality time getting to know her and identifying where she could benefit from extra support. I would highly recommend Andrea as a tutor who can help your children with their learning in a positive and supportive way. She is caring and my daughter was thoroughly engaged with each session she had with her.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use Andrea again when we require a more permanent tutor or for a short period to cover loss of classroom schooling or when a need arises.

Carol Morton

Andrea has been a godsend these last few months. She has boosted my daughter’s confidence and helped elevate her competence in Maths. Andrea has achieved this through her friendly, professional and creative manner with my daughter. We all look forward to our weekly sessions with Andrea. 


Beverley Camarda


‘She’s fun and I’m not scared to ask her anything’.

 Sofia age 9 (year 5) 




Andrea tutored my daughter using a phonics program and the progress in reading and spelling as well as an increase in her self-confidence was absolutely fantastic.

Gemma Adams   

Tutoring German (2).png

I have known Mrs Howlett for many years even from Nursery. During her time tutoring me, her style of teaching really makes it very easy to understand and grasp on to concepts fast and remember all the tips and tricks that she knows. I could not recommend a better teacher. 

I taught Enuka in nursery, then Modern Foreign Languages at
Key Stage 2. When he was studying for his GCSEs I tutored him
1:1 in German and he did exceptionally well. 

Andrea Howlett

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