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Why This Course?

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Teaching children how to read

Teaching children how to read

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Does your child love books but needs support with reading and finds alternative pronunciations tricky?


Most children love reading whether by themselves, sharing a good story with a friend or finding out information about things such as diggers and dinosaurs. They enjoy making up stories and writing them down so they and others can read them again.

Has your child discovered this yet or would you like to help him or her read and write but you are not sure where to start, what to do next, what to look out for, what strategies to use?

Is your child good at discriminating different sounds, listening carefully and can talk about what they can hear, can tell you words that begin or end with the same sound? These are important skills to master before they start the complicated process of decoding letters. Course 1 gives you many ideas how you can help your child do this.

Course 2 is about helping your child decode some letters which would be taught in many reception classes in England. Course 3 is for children in Year 1 classes who may need some support with decoding the combination of more tricky letter strings, alternative pronunciations and spellings, indeed some may still be needing some help in Years 2 and 3 with reading.

English is one of the most complicated language to read and spell and this guide will show you how you can help your child to progress in these important skills so they can unlock the mystery of our letters and sounds and enter the wonderful world of reading and spelling with more confidence.

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